Are we friends?


Have you ever have a just Monday through Friday friends?

I have this friend whom we only have 10-15 mins of texting every morning from Monday through Friday. Keep in mind, we are living in two different continents.

The dialogue kinda goes like this. M-Me, F-Friend

M: Hi
F: Hi
M: How are you?
F: Good.
M: Slept well?
F: Okay, you?
M: Okay
M: On bus?
F: Yes.
M: Nap?
F: Yes.

***after an hour or so***

F: Office
M: Ok
F: Work time
M: Have a nice day!
F: You too.

Base on these daily dialogues, we are “good” friends. We don’t talk much about serious stuff.

Are we friends???


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