Something I read…

I came across a “tweet” in Weibo (Kinda a chinese version of Twitter), do try my best to translate..

Dealing with Relational Issues..

If no one asks, that is distance;

If one asks and one answers, that is trust;

If no one asks but you tell, that is dependency.

I have been having trouble with a friend lately… A friend whom is far far away as we live in different countries. Through smart phone or the cyber world as a whole, we managed to have regular “contact”. Though the conversations were pretty ordinary… Hi, How are you?, Dinner yet?, etc….

But recently, that routine is broken. I don’t have a reason to ask questions.. I don’t have the urge to tell things about my life. Are we still friends?

When I managed to say “hope things are fine for you”. I would get the quick short responses:

I’m okay.

No worry.

Take care.

That would be the end of the conversation…

By asking “how are you?” Does that mean I am worried? I don’t know why I get ticked off by that.. But anyhow, I am trying to move on.


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