Today… At one point, I wanted to open the card to see what’s Friend C wrote to Friend B. I wanted to know because I was jealous. Somehow, Friend B is MY friend. The ironic part is, Friend C knew Friend B first. Anyhow… I must adjust myself. I don’t own anybody… After all, we are just friends.

Choosing to trust someone. Choosing to be friends with someone. Choices that I made, I should learn to own them. I should not start doubting because of others. If I doubt, I “investigate”. I need to prove it. If not, I stick with it. I must I understand that others are there to make my life fuller. Perhaps, to point me to something I have totally missed. Their existence matters but I matter too.

Oh lord, pleased help me in defining my boundaries. I am what you made me to be. I should spend time in walking the walk with you. I’m sure with you as my rock and my guidence. I can move forth into the pale you want to me. After all, I do matter.


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