Ciao 2016…

I’m in pjs hanging out with my chubby cat at home on the last Friday of 2016. It may sound depressing but why must I be festive? It is because this is what everyone does? I spent past years feeling bad about doing nothing on holidays simply because I felt I was doing something wrong. But I don’t feel bad at all now.

Simply, I am me. I make choices for my life. I am in charge of how I want to live my life. Other people are making judgmental comments not knowing how hurtful they sound. FB is overloaded with celebrities passing, Trump, Obama, etc… Of course how people are seemingly having a wonderful time. I choose not to read too much into them.

Cyber world has become the “real” world. We can share/communicates without physical interactions. The World Wide Web has slowly cornered us to a much limited space. Convenience has made us more “lazy”.

We used to say, call me. Now, text me, WhatsApp me, FB message, FaceTime, etc… I found it hard to make a phone call. I could not find a reason to call but I manage to find many reasons not to. I would text instead. I rather wait for the text reply thinking it would be better off that way. I would not want to catch someone at the wrong time.

Anyways… what does all this matter with the end of 2016? Nothing really. I’m not good at sticking with topic. And in near future, I will be writing personal statement to get into grad school. 😂 Let’s see how that will work out.

2016 has been interesting that I actually stepped out of my comfort zone. I always thought I’m the easily settled type. Due to many reasons, I made the decision of leaving a job that I worked for 8 years. I become a 1st time home buyer. All these new things are making me nervous but I’m confident I can overcome.

To be honest, I have never thought I would have done things like that. Now that I have done that, I’m going for more. As I mentioned earlier, I will apply for grad school in 2017. I’m going to be a part time student with a full time job. That was also something I thought I would never do.

One thing I take from 2016 for sure, never settle!




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