Welcome 2017, a new beginning!

The choice of words is important. To someone like me who is so darn indecisive, I often choose the obvious. For example:

12/31/16 = Last day of 2016; The end of 2016; 2016 is coming to an end, etc….

All sound pretty depressing. Though they are true, I can still make a difference choice.

12/31/16 = 2017 is starting tomorrow; The beginning of 2017; 2017 is going to start, etc..

I guess my point is pretty much similar to the “a glass is half full/empty” thing. Believe me, I used to be on the “half empty” side. I used to consider being positive is lying, the reality is negative. However, ever since some years ago, I got into depression, I must rethink my views.

With professional help, I’m back on track and out of depression. The looping of thoughts forced me into a vicious cycle. My logic kept me in it. Once I have learned to apply some emotions into the mix, I see a way out. In the end, my happiness matters, “I” matters.

At this point, I am going to change the title to one that is more motivating. I am still in my pjs. Udon, my cat, is chilling on her favorite minion blanket. I am writing this as I’m sipping my coffee. One may think I should do something more “exciting” on this day. Somehow, the 12/31 is a special day. The notion of making this day special creates a lot of “should do”, “must do”, blah blah blah. I’m happy to stay home or if there is party, I’m happy to go too. I’m not going to feel sad because I’m alone on this “special day”. I’m learning how to live each day to the fullest. Sometimes, I do get freaked out from this level of positive thinking. But heck~! What’s wrong with that?!

My best wishes to you all! Stay true to yourself, you ARE special!


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