First off, today feels pretty much the same as any other day.

Anyway, I’m going to type my first blog of the year and hopefully I can keep writing. I found writing my thoughts down can let them out of my mental loop. It would be good for me.

May 2017 be a year of peace! I pray that no more bloodsheds around the world!

A lot of self help books often mention, hang out with people who cares about you. But some how you ended up longing attention to those ignore you? I am this type. I am not like  with everyone, but trust me, 1 of this is ENOUGH! It costs serious mental energy drainage, negative overloads, blah blah blah. Then one may say, just forget about this person. Silly, I know but I can’t.

As this brand new year, I’m going to feel my day with productivity and do things that make me happy. I’m trying to take steps to take care of myself. I surely miss this friend of mine but I must distract myself. It is best for both of us.



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