A Decade…

If I think about God daily like I think about certain someone for the past decade… Perhaps, I will be better off? Who knows…

The only thing I am sorta certain is that if I don’t think about that certain someone, I would be happier. In my own version of pursuit of happiness, I must knowingly put myself in “unpleasant” situations. As I have mentioned before, new job, grad school, etc… Don’t worry, nothing to harm myself. In fact, it is the entirely opposite. I am trying to exercise more. I am trying to expand my social circle. Or even just to enjoy alone time with myself. Hence, the posts…

By doing all these things, I’m still thinking about this person. Is this person that wow? Probably not… This person is still alive just living in the other end of the world. Though the technology can bring us closer, I do feel more further. Simply because the person does not respond to text messages. No much FB/IG updates. The whole “liking” everyone else’s posts but not mine.  I used to get so upset about this. Now, I acknowledge the irritation and move on. I hope one day I won’t even care.

There are so many more things in life that should get my attention. However, my mind seems to be circling about this one person whom does not care much about me. Anyway… I should set a goal that my blog should not always about this person.

Can’t deny the past, but I don’t need to carry it into the present nor into the future!



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