I can’t teach stupid.

I often get frustrated whenever my logic loop hits a wall and I entered the “cycle”. I have been trying to find a “stop button” or something to get me out of it but so far there is only a “detour”.

I asked a coworker today the question, “How do you do it?”

She and I think similarly about certain coworkers and that we share similar work approach.

She said, “I just can’t teach stupid or lazy.”

I told her, this is it! This is the break of the cycle. There is so much I can do and I can’t teach stupid or lazy people whom refuse to listen/learn/change/etc…

It turns out, we all have our moments. One coworker would say “I don’t know” repeatedly. One coworker would use one answer for all different scenarios, ie. refuse to make an effort.

I’m learning not to let these people affect me. Life is short, start living!


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