There are many reasons for not responding to a text. I have always been on the receiving end. Meaning, my best friend would not respond to my texts until whenever she feels like. I went through a cycle of emotions/thoughts in trying to understand why she is doing this to me. In recent months, I decided I don’t care any more. I say what I want to but I am not going to expect anything. It is hard not to expect but when being disappointed for so many times, I am setting boundaries so I won’t be affected.

Now, I am doing this to a former coworker. We are not particularly friendly to each other at work. I stayed away from her just because she sucked people life force by being so needy. I did not agree with her work attitude either. Somehow, we managed to work together. It is because we went through similar visa issues, we had that in common but nothing else.

Take my silence as a response. Deal with it!


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