z/d no more…

My precious cat, Udon, has been on meds since August 2016 trying to solve her random throw up issue. The internal medicine specialist diagnosed her having IBD/IBS so she has been on steroids and changed food from Metabolic to d/d venison and peas.

The results, well… We are still trying to find the best solution as her throwing up is random. Thus, I start to think it is simply a normal condition for Udon. As we were going to slowly get her off the steroids, the vet suggested to change to food to z/d. Something about smaller protein molecular, harder to trigger allergic reaction.

Udon ate it at first, but then she started to throw up every few days then everyday then she did not eat her food. Plus, the strangest thing is that her behavior changed as well. She started to lick the bedroom walls, loud enough to wake me up. I won’t wait till she finished z/d though it is expensive to just throw it away. Udon’s health comes first. So, now I have switched her back to d/d, the licking walls behavior stopped and she resumed eating. We shall see about the throwing up. I’m sure time will tell.


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