Love is love…

Will we stop loving one another because one has done wrong? Would we not choose to forgive one another so that we can continue to love each other?

Law and rules are words. We are living. Our relationships with one another are lively encounters. We care about one another and because of love, we are willing to go the extra extra miles.

Life impacts life. You speak of rules and laws because you have not yet experienced what  does it feel like to break them. The guilt and the shame are beyond what one can imagine. One can’t speak of love when one can’t be a friend with empathy.

Love another person like how you like to be loved. Even this can be hard because very often one does not love oneself to the extent that one thinks one is better off to be alone.  If one is sinned and is willing to share his or her story with you, please listen and comfort with love but not to condemn.

May the world be filled with more love than hate. May we all choose to be more forgiving.


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